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To promote Nigeria as a competitive alternative to other global off shoring/outsourcing  destinations, and to increase services delivery quality and volume under recognized standards.

To promote Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing  services to companies globally.  

To represent all types of organization involved in outsourcing (users, suppliers, third-party support), lobbying the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Legislature to promote Trade in services, create awareness within the government sector and the private sector on the opportunities that abound in outsourcing; influence decisions using advocacy and lobbying.

To promote best practices in off-shoring/outsourcing.

To build capacity for service providers through training and education

To encourage the change of ideas on subjects of common interest and for this purpose to collect public literature which may result in the promotion of such interest; research global trends in outsourcing/off-shoring.

To develop and maintain co-operation with other similar bodies in other countries and continents.

To organize national and international conferences in Nigeria.


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